To sell or not to sell.....

Just for fun, I've been playing around with Teucrium Corn and Soybean stock purchases on the stock market.....Please understand, I have little experience in investing in the Stock Market, so with the little extra money I had, I decided to invest in what I know. However, I have been on this crazy, rollercoaster of a ride in prices, just as everyone else has. I started to think back to 2012, the drought and the skyrocketing crop prices, and wondered just for a minute if we aren't maybe headed for a new level in Agriculture. Earlier this Spring, I heard a Market to Market guest say something about $30.00 soybeans......and I could have sworn I heard him wrong.....but now I'm not so sure. Time will tell I guess. The moral of this story....invest in what you know..... even if it's just your best guess.

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